Changing times call for changing education.

We wanted to create a culture of thinking, a place where everyone’s thinking is valued, visible, and actively promoted. In essence, we wanted to create a program that encourages students to fall in love with learning, because it was fresh, exciting and addictive. We did not want to make the interesting dull through the monotony of memorization and repetition, but to keep creativity and the spontaneity of learning alive through interesting activities, discussions, and academic courses. The curriculum we developed is, therefore, not the standard remix of old courses, but uniquely designed classes that engage and inspire students to want to learn more.
— Ed Walters, Head of School

Alta Vista School has been built on a belief in the power of giving students a broad set of experiences and tools to understand their world.

With an emphasis on science, math, engineering, and the arts, The Alta Vista Way encourages students to go beyond their strong academic foundation and engage in their community, their environment, and their own passions.

Our middle school program promotes self advocacy, responsibility, accountability, and choice to to help students build resilience and self-reliance in their academic pursuits and beyond.

AVS Middle School prepares students to get the most out of high school, but we see that as merely the basis in an educational experience that will prepare them for a lifetime being creative, engaged, and effective global citizens. 



Science is much more than a class subject

At Alta Vista School we take our science seriously. We believe deeply that hands-on investigation and the scientific method can take our students well beyond the lab or a test and into a rich appreciation for our world.

Alta Vista students are not afraid to get their hands dirty or tackle daunting challenges. Our middle school curriculum builds confidence and independence, with an emphasis on analytical and problem-solving skills across a huge variety of contexts. 


Strong community = strong students

We pride ourselves at Alta Vista School on a superlative academic program, but for us that's just the beginning. 

We focus on the whole child and recognize that school does so much more than give you an intellectual foundation. 

Middle school can be a challenging phase of life, so at Alta Vista School we emphasize building a community of safety, respect, and support.



Grades – 5-8
Students Per Grade – 40-50
Student Teacher Ratio – 10:1
School Day – 8:45-3:45


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